In-house X-Ray Services
Our mission is to provide affordable best in class health care:
  - Affordable/Convenient - Same day/Weekday/weekend appointments
   - Most services available in premise (Lab/X-Ray/Pharmacy etc)
   - Contact us at your convenience via internet/phone/email

Bala Family Practice has implemented the following policies and procedures so that the confidentiality of your personal and/or medical information remains confidential.

Your physician(s) and all other employees working in Bala Family Practice will keep any information related to you (medical and/or non-medical), in a confidential manner. However, so that we may provide you with appropriate medical care, for general practice operations and or for the purposes of obtaining payment, we will, at our discretion provide information pertaining to the treatment you received in this practice, tile charges for this treatment and related information regarding the treatment and charges to other health care related entities. This information will be submitted through the following mechanisms: US Postal Service, fax submission. Internet submission, voice mail and/or personal communications. The following is a list of the most common types of entities that we most typically would provide personal health related information. This list is not an all-inclusive list. Other entities may be added to this list.

*Physicians and non-physician providers (i.e. specialty therapists, counselors) who work outside of this practice.
*Medical facilities (i.e. hospitals, outpatient centers).
*Laboratories for the purposes of running medical tests.
*Other healthcare providers, such as pharmacies regarding prescription medications, durable medical equipment suppliers, and ambulance services.
*School health departments.
*Insurance companies (or third party administrators) for the purpose of obtaining, reviewing medical necessity and or general case management.
*State or Federal agencies that require the submission of specific health related information.

We may need to contact you, by phone, to discuss or confirm your appointments, test results, treatments, referrals, an account balance and/or to return your phone call. We will first attempt to contact you at home, however, if you are not available, and you provide us with a work number, we will attempt to contact you at work. If you are not available, we will leave a message for you to either call the office or we will remind you of your appointment time. These messages are sometimes left on personal message devices, such as an answering machine. If you do not want messages left on machines for you, please give us this in writing.
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